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Teacher's Reaction to Students Surprising Her With Kittens After Her Cat Died Is Touching Hearts

A clip posted by @young.and.alive originally made its rounds in 2016 after being shared by Inside Edition, and now the touching video has since resurfaced. We can understand why, since it's so heartwarming! So we couldn't hold back and not share this sweet gesture between a few students and their teacher.  

After hearing that their high school math teacher was mourning the loss of her 16-year-old cat, a few students decided to surprise her the next day. They came into the classroom with flowers and cupcakes, immediately making the teacher tear up. But just wait until you see what happens when she realizes they have something even more special for her.

Wow! She must be an awesome teacher for her students to go out of the way and surprise her with new kittens. Some TikTok users thought it is too soon in the grieving process, but this teacher was so touched and thankful. She was even at a loss for words. "For everyone saying it’s too soon, people grieve differently, never safe to assume how people feel. This was so precious," commented @mel. So true! We all process loss in different ways and judging by her reaction, those kittens are just what she needs. 

"Enough to make a grown man cry😭," said @Alex Shelton. Glad to know we aren't the only ones crying from this! "This is beautiful. The internet needs more content like this 💕," added @groovytimes. Agreed! Plus, those students deserve an extra shoutout for being so selfless.

Oh, the power of social media! One of the students in this video commented, "Nothing like seeing yourself on TikTok after going viral many, many years prior lol thanks for sharing!" So of course, we had to check if she posted any updates, and she did! 

As it turns out, the students checked with her husband before surprising her with the kittens, and he approved. The previous student has since sent her a text explaining that the video has resurfaced, and people are wanting to know how the cats are doing. Unfortunately, one of the kittens passed away. But in her text, she said, "Fritzie is still a joy to us and helped me tremendously to recover from Blondie's sudden death. You were a lifesaver." What a wonderful end to a wonderful story.