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Man's Attempt to Teach the Dog to Tell Time Has Us Laughing Out Loud

Sometimes your pets are like your kids. They just don't listen. In fact we can practically see one Great Dane Pointer rolling his eyes while his dad tried to explains how a clock works. All Hannah Elyse Volk's (@marzipanbanana) husband wanted was to explain that it wasn't dinnertime — but as the footage on TikTok shows, it's unclear if their dog Archer was taking his message in. 

Apparently, Archer hadn't realized that there were specific times that his owners were feeding him. So we guess it was up to Dad to give him a run down of how meal times worked. "Do you understand? So like when this little hand is at the 'V' that's five," Volk's husband explained. "And then it's dinnertime. But right now it's not even three o'clock yet." The look on Archer's face is too funny. All he wanted was a snack Dad, geez! 

With over 700,000 views, the comments section was laughing just as hard as we were. “Dude, I don’t need science class, I need kibble," @wandagarr88 joked. "It’s five o’clock somewhere!" @user391491221355 teased. “He’s like stop laughinggggg at me," @xmayraagarcia added. "It’s like he’s embarrassed when he realized," @j.pookamayle wrote. 

Although commenter @adayinoneplace made a good point: "The clock doesn’t tell your dog what time to eat. Your dog tells you what time to eat."

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All jokes aside, we're sure that Archer showed up for dinner at 5 pm on the dot. Now that he knows where the "V" is, we're positive he'll never miss another meal again.

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