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Owner's Plan to Teach Dogs to Retrieve Golf Balls Backfires Miserably

A golf fanatic wanted to make his two Golden Retrievers his personal caddies for a more efficient way to practice at home. So he decided to buy plastic golf balls in order for them to safely run, pick up, and return the ball after he hits it from the tee. What a brilliant idea and cool trick! So we thought...

Training on day one was recorded and posted to TikTok account @golden_chappy. In the clip, the two dogs are laser-focused on the ball, seemingly ready to run towards wherever the ball is hit. The owner gets ready for his shot, winds up his backswing, and uhh, well, his plan backfired completely.

LOL! We did not expect that at all! But to be fair, the dog did retrieve the ball just as the owner wanted. The dog was just working smarter not harder! 😂 And the rest of TikTok users are agreeing with that logic. 

@LoveBeagles said, "He figured why run and chase it after you hit it…Too much work so he grabbed it first. lol." We'd be the same way. Why run more than you have to?! "He's just ahead of the game," added @matt_watson_fit. That dog clearly understood the assignment, so maybe it was the owner's fault for not explaining it exactly how he wanted it. Ha! "Well, he retrieved it. Good boy," commented @c0rk9777. 

You have to cut them some slack. It was only day one of training. At least the owners can see it's slightly working. As @Chad Burnswick put it, it's a "work in pawgress." LOL! They've got the idea down. They just have to wait until the ball is actually hit. So we're more than ready to see how training day two does!