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Video of Team of Ants Moving Leaves One by One Is Totally Captivating

Okay, hear us out. If even if you're not a bug person--and, trust us, we aren't either--it's hard not to be impressed by this super synchronized team of ants as they move leaves one by one. They may not be as cute as puppies or kittens, but they look like festive little parade floats going back and forth!

The colorful leaves and superstrong ants make this TikTok video from @sciencechannel even more magical. If we didn't know any better, we'd think it wasn't real!

Just look at them go! Even though we knew how strong ants are, it's always impressive and fascinating to see them at work. Not to mention how efficiently they move! Now if only this video followed the ants to wherever they were bringing the leaves...

"Amazing!!!" Wrote commenter @odell_tochu. "I thought this was an animation at first." OMG--we could totally see that! If we're being honest, though, this scene would make a hypnotizing animation. Do any artists want to take this project on for us?

@Craigphillipshaw thought it looks "like a miniature runway for an ant fashion show," and now we can't see anything else. What a great image! As accurate as it is, it's also totally adorable to think about it that way. Then again, those colorful leaves are very flamboyant and fashionable--who knew ants could inspire so many different art forms?

And then there's @codyshow_ who said, "It’s like being at the airport." Well, you're not wrong! Any crowded place could learn a thing or two about efficiency from these ants. They're the true definition of teamwork!

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