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Mom's Hack for Letting Her Cats Safely Enjoy the Outdoors Is Brilliant

Many cats love being outdoors, even when--perhaps especially--it's against their owner's desires. Still, it's hard to resist indulging our fur babies' natural instincts. This has caused a lot of cat owners to search for alternatives to letting their buddies loose in the yard--and there's actually a lot to be found!

From an enclosed porch or sunroom to leashed walks and supervised romps, the options may be less obvious than you realize. One TikTok mama is gaining popularity for her solution to this problem, though, and we think her hack may take the cake. This cat enclosure is super quick and easy to set up, and it lets your kitties actually be outdoors.

Thanks, @ruthhagmann, for the brilliant idea!

This clip may be only a few seconds long, but it builds such a serene, joyful atmosphere in that short time. Golden sunshine in the trees, luscious grass beneath your paws, and two human brothers playing nearby? These kitties are soaking up every moment of summer! 

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Their TikTok fans, like @kittyrnms, certainly think they're "living their best life!!" We can't help but agree! Both of the cats seem beyond relaxed in their little mesh tent--it's like magic!

"I have that same tent!" @cspink90 commented. "My cats love it 💕." Clearly, this tent is a hidden gem in the feline world. When another user asked for more information about the product, this cat mama was kind enough to elaborate. (TLDR: she got it from Amazon!)

"I got this one bcuz u can keep adding more tunnels to it & it got good reviews," @cspink90 replied. How fun does that sound? Though it's probably simpler than we're imagining, it reminds us of something like hamster tunnels for cats! Honestly, we'd love to see that. Maybe these tents and tunnels will be the next big thing! 

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