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Rescuers' Tender Care for Terrified Dog Saved From Chinese Meat Trade Is So Beautiful

Every animal rescue story is worth sharing, but there are some that truly stand out--including Levi's story. The tiny pup was rescued mere moments before being killed at China's Yulin meat festival, but he's still only beginning to trust people again. Luckily, @tianacalx and her amazing team of rescuers in Vancouver, BC have been there to show Levi love and kindness every step of the way.

Thank you, Tiana! Levi's progress is already so amazing!

As touching as it is to see the gentle care they're giving the sweet pup, it's also heartbreaking to think about the conditions he was in before his rescue. We are beyond grateful that he will know nothing but love from now on. He deserves nothing less!

"My heart breaks into million pieces.....that sweet little angel.," commented @mandeleeb21. "Thank you for rescuing this precious little pup 🙏." We totally understand the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany basically any animal rescue. Though they're headed for a happy ending, their beginnings were quite rough, and that's never easy to see or experience.

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Still, loving a rescued dog can be one of the most rewarding and magical experiences of someone's life. That's why @lxyakty._.01 wrote, "I really want a rescue." We hope that happens for you! Tiana replied similarly, writing, "12/10 would recommend it. They are so grateful for your love & you’re saving a little soul 😭💓." That's a beautiful way to look at it! 

On top of having the special rescuing experience, how could anyone resist a sweet face like Levi's? Viewer @scrambled_egg_lover said, "I want him he’s so precious," and we totally get where you're coming from! We also have a feeling lots of viewers feel the same way. Even Tiana thinks he's adorable!

"He is 🥺," she wrote. "I only had him for the night but he didn’t leave my arms for a minute. I think about him all the time ❤️ but he’s in good hands :)." Happy tails, Levi! 

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