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Therapy Dog’s Grand Entrance at a Wedding Reception Is Totally Priceless

Weddings are a day to celebrate love with your closest friends and family. And sometimes, family members include those who are furry and have four legs. Dogs don’t want to be left out of the party, and they want to celebrate with their favorite humans. So do yourself a favor and invite your furry bestie to your wedding. Unless you don’t want them to steal the spotlight...

One bride and groom decided to not only have their therapy dog at the wedding but for him to be in the wedding party. The ceremony was over, and the reception was just getting started, so that meant introducing the wedding party. In the TikTok clip posted by the wedding venue, @waverly_estate_weddings, the DJ announces Bob, and the crowd goes wild. But uh-oh, sorry to the newlyweds, we think Bob stole their thunder at their own party!

O.M.G. Bob wins at wedding entrances! This is by far the best one we’ve ever seen, and now we expect every wedding we go to have a dog. It’s a great way to keep your guests entertained all night long, And did you hear how loud people were getting for Bob?! We told you he stole the show!

“Bob said, ‘I heard y’all was looking for me, here I am,’” commented @Ruth Sims. Bob was so nonchalant about being in the spotlight. He just casually, and slowly, made his way down the stairs. But forget the dance floor, he knew to go towards the food first. LOL! “The man, the myth, the legend,” added @Morgan Nicely. “THE BEST we love Bob 👏🏼,” said @Caroline J. Everyone loves Bob! We think this wedding actually turned into a party for Bob. Oops! 

If you thought this entrance was amazing, you have to see some of the photos of Bob at the wedding ceremony.


This dog is clearly a star in his own right. More Bob content, please!