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Video of Therapy Horse Giving Love to Nursing Home Resident Has Us in Tears

The love of an animal can do wonders for the human heart, whether they're lifelong companions or new friends. That's why therapy animals have become more common in places like hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. Besides, an adorable dog or miniature horse could put a smile on anyone's face!

It's easy to see why Akilles the therapy horse and his owner/trainer @evelynbanffy are so beloved on TikTok. Their videos from trips to nursing homes, like this one that recently went viral, are the most heartwarming clips we've ever seen! 

Isn't this boy just the sweetest? Akilles is so still and gentle with the woman he's visiting, and we love how Evelyn is guiding the interaction. It's so intentional and intimate! We can only imagine how comforting this must be for someone in a nursing home. 

"A horse can heal," agreed commenter @nyhippie2. "A horse can bring comfort. Intuitively they know when to help a human. Horses are perfect companions." What a beautiful sentiment! There's no doubt how intuitive animals can be, but seeing it in action is nothing short of magical.

We'd like to think that viewer @runegardener agrees! They wrote, "He knows he's doing good work. He may not know the details, but he knows he's helping." That's exactly what it seems like to us! Plus--he gets to enjoy all the attention and ear scratches! This is the true definition of a win-win situation.

@Tracerround702 said, "animals are the best and we don't deserve them," and we think that's 100% true. Everything this horse does--from his sweet cuddles to his hilarious party tricks--is just too precious for this world.

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