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Video of 'Therapy Llama' Visiting Residents at a Nursing Home Totally Made Our Week

You might've heard of a therapy dog, but have you ever heard of a therapy llama? It's really a thing and it's so effective. One llama online brings smile to so many faces wherever he goes, but this was especially true in a recent video on TikTok where he paid a visit to a nursing home. 

As can be seen on the @rojothellama page online, llamas are pretty much always a crowd pleaser. But they were a much needed presence in a nursing home recently. 

The clip shows a llama paying a visit to many of the residents' rooms as they pet and fed him. Everyone seemed to be having the best time. "POV: you're a therapy llama, giving carrot kisses and creating smiles wherever you goes," the video's caption reads. 

The comments section was in love with this story. "That’s probably the best thing that’s happened to many of these folks all week or even all month…." @beckfitzy pointed out. "I have never needed to pet an animal so much in my life!" @brennatomlin exclaimed. "To see the joy you and your Llama bring to these people. Thank you for bringing this joy," @shaisgirl added. "That is just beautiful. Look at the residents' faces light up," @bjkasch chimed in.

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It's always nice to see an animal doing some good.

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