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Video of Resilient 3-Footed Polar Bear Has People Inspired

No two people look exactly alike, and that's what makes us unique. To some extent, the same can be said for other animals--like polar bears--but it's truly inspiring to see an animal with a physical difference thriving alongside their peers. Polar bears may be solitary creatures, but that doesn't make Hercules the 3-footed bear any less amazing.

Hercules was first spotted as a cub in Churchill, Manitoba, according to @naturalhabitatadventures, but is now thriving as an independent adult. Needless to say, his unique features are leaving everyone in awe!

You go, Hercules! You have more fans rooting for you than you can even imagine. Including us! 

We absolutely adore @danacamaphoto's idea to celebrate this ultra-special bear. They commented, "This bear needs his own Disney movie/children’s book." Heck yeah, he does! We'd get behind this idea immediately, especially considering that Hercules' difference is likely something he's had since birth.

When @mrsbrightside90 asked, "What could take a polar bear's foot?!" @naturalhabitatadventures had the best response. They explained, "We’ve seen a video of him as a cub as well. He may have been born this way." How special is that?

"Knowing he was born that way doesn't make me sad it makes me so proud of his resilience," wrote @oopsypoopsy1118. We know exactly what you mean! We're so glad Hercules never endured an injury or illness (that we know of) and that he's able to thrive despite his physical difference. 

"Awww we have a 3 leg black bear that lives in the orchard," wrote commenter @ooft7. "We’ve named him Lt. Dan." We love it! Unique animals are oh-so-special, as are the people who love them.

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