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Woman Adopts 3-Legged Dog Nobody Wanted and We're in Our Feelings

All dogs deserve to live with kind and loving families who spoil them with treats and cuddles. Sometimes, it can be difficult for dogs to find this due to the high number of dogs available for adoption in shelters, and if a dog has a disability, they aren't usually the first pick for those looking to adopt. However, one pup got lucky and landed the jackpot with this amazing owner.

TikTok user @saffy_thelabcross recently shared a video of her black Labrador and German Shepherd mix with only three legs named Saffy. In the video, she said that when she went to the shelter, she asked for the dog that had been shown the least interest, and they gave her Saffy! Check out the video to see how this beautiful dog is doing in her new family.

Awwww, this pup is adorable. She seems so happy and comfortable with her momma—we are so glad she was rescued by someone with a kind and compassionate heart!

People in the comments praised this woman for seeking out a dog with low interest from other adopters. @user220536922319 said, "Awww, thank you so much for saving her and showing her love!" and commented, "They all just need a little love. Thank you for giving her the life she deserves!" We wish all dogs were shown as much love as Saffy receives from her family!

Others think Saffy is just precious and were surprised she wasn't adopted yet, even with her disability. @ateit1 commented, "Wow she's beautiful! You’re so lucky to get her," and @laurameier984 said, "She is so precious, especially with that smile at the end!" She is truly a gorgeous dog!

We are so glad that Saffy will be cared for and cherished for a long time. She is a special pup, and she is deserving of the special mom that adopted her!

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