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3-Legged Dog Reunited With His Owner After Months of Searching Is a True Miracle

A family finally received good news about their lost three-legged best friend after months of searching. When Hurricane Ida was making it's way to land, Harrison Sibley decided to escape with his German Shepherd mix and traveled from Louisiana to Tennessee to stay with friends. But unfortunately, while hiking in Tennessee, his 10-year-old dog Bear ran off. 

Sibley eventually had to return home, heartbroken and distraught he lost his best friend. For months, Sibley didn't give up hope of being reunited with Bear. A Facebook group was created to help find the dog. Sibley even traveled four more times to Tennessee since September to search for Bear. Signs of good news started to come at the beginning of the year.

People in Sevier County, Tennessee started to notice Bear popping up on security cameras in January. Luckily, the Facebook group grew to over 2,000 people, and many residents in the area recognized Bear. Wow, the power of social media! Then, just this past week, a couple realized it was Bear and they were able to bring in the loose pup until Sibley and his family could get back to Tennessee. They're finally reunited, and we can't stop smiling! Now, cue the water works!

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”It’s been six months of just growth, trying to grow as a person you know going through all the pain and I was just blessed enough to get him back and grow through all of it, so I’m just happy to have him again in my arms, you know,” Sibley told WVLT in Knoxville. ”I’m just thanking God that everything has gone back to normal.”

They safely made it back home in Louisiana, and the whole family is feeling at one. We love a happy ending, and we hope Bear gets that juicy steak Sibley promised he would get as a treat!  

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