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Mom's Reaction to Seeing TikTok Famous Corgi in Real Life Is Totally Epic

Everyone loves running into their favorite celebrities, like this one woman who recently met a celebrity she loves. This celebrity shared a video of their chance encounter, and it is going viral! However, this celebrity isn't what you'd expect: she has fur, a tail, and four paws.

TikTok user @madmax_fluffyroad is a Corgi named Maxine, but goes by Max, whose dad carries her around in a backpack everywhere they go. She is quite the celebrity in the animal lovers side of the internet, and one woman had the most amazing reaction to meeting this adorable pup. Check out the video to see how this interaction went down!

OMG, this video is too good. We can totally understand this woman's reaction to meeting Max—she is the most adorable pup! We love that she FaceTimed her daughter to share the amazing news in the moment, and her daughter instantly recognized Max!

People in the comments are loving how this woman's daughter instantly recognized Max. @karmakangaroo said, "I love how she knew immediately," and @monabearbear commented, '“Is that Max?” She knew!' This pup is so cute and widely adored by many TikTok users, we're not surprised that she recognized Max's face!

The woman's daughter made an appearance in the comments of the video. She said from her TikTok account, @leannexmariee, "THATS ME AND MY MOM! She still cant stop talking about it. I loved seeing her [Max] on FaceTime." Additionally, this woman's husband backed up their daughter's story from his TikTok account, @imdumpweed, with his own comment: "This is my wife, and this is all she talked about all day." We totally understand why Max is getting so much love!

We can't imagine any other celebrity sighting going better than this! Max was perfectly polite while meeting her fans, and she totally made this woman's day. We hope we can meet Max one day, too!

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