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Tim Tebow's Tender Moment With His Dalmatian Gives Us All the Feels

No matter where you are in the world, there's a good chance you'll run into someone who loves animals--and it could be nearly anyone! A baby, a teacher...even an athlete is no match for a pair of puppy dog eyes, and this video is solid proof. NFL player Tim Tebow is wrapped around his Dalmatian's dainty paw, and we are living for it.

The duo recently shared a sweet embrace in front of the camera as the pup interrupted her dad's workout. If you ask us, Tebow had his priorities straight!

What a sweet, cuddly pup! We love her unapologetic cuddles, and that her dad is willing to stop what he's doing to indulge her. In case you needed any more reasons to become a fan, Tim Tebow seems like an amazing dog dad! 

"She loves her Daddy ❤️," commenter @kampergirl agreed. Her whole face is buried in his chest! There are bound to be many jealous women out there after this video makes its rounds, but this fluffy girl has his heart! Like @shelz1974 said, she's "absolutely adorable 🥰"--we see why he's obsessed! 

"There’s just something special that happens to us humans every time we pet our fur babies," said @angieheck19973. You're so right! Their love must soak through their fur and into us when we give them scratches and snuggles. It's truly magical, and we don't think anyone is immune to it!

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