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Man on Tinder Finds Out He Adopted Potential Date's Dog in Crazy Twist of Fate

We can see it now. The next box office rom-com about two people meeting through Tinder and discovering the wildest twist of fate. The story was first shared on Twitter, but then reposted to the TikTok account @feellgoodinc, which is very fitting because well, it makes us all feel good! 

A guy was messaging a girl on Tinder, the dating app, when they came to the crazy realization they each had a Black Lab named Oynx at one point. The girl said her Oynx was her childhood pup that they had to put up for adoption. Ugh so heartbreaking! Meanwhile, he adopted a Black Lab not too long ago. Then as the two of them keep talking they discover something even wilder. You won't believe this! 

What?! Is that not the craziest coincidence ever?! Out of all the people you could be talking to on Tinder, it just so happens to be someone who has had the same dog as you. And not just the same breed, literally the same exact dog! Her family put the dog up for adoption in 2018 and that's when he adopted his pup. Talk about fate! @Olivia Spencer55 wrote, "And that's when they know they were soulmates."

One TikTok user, @ascendant_evil, commented, "Honestly even if we weren't compatible I'd still let them come see the dog." HA! We hope that's the case here because giving your dog up for adoption is probably one of the hardest things to do. It would be so sweet if she got to see Oynx more often. 

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"I wanna see the reunion," said @banaguava. Us too! Spoiler alert, there was a reunion! Someone commented saying they saw on Twitter that the dog and previous owner met up. The dog didn't remember the girl at first but he did eventually. Aww! And now they're planning to see each other regularly! This love story sounds like there is going to be a sequel coming and we can't wait! 

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