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8-Week-Old Dachshund Puppy's Tiny Cries Have Us Falling in Love

People don't usually like to hear crying. The sound is often abrasive and can be uncomfortable for those who hear it. However, one baby is proving this is not always the case: a puppy whose cries have everyone who hears them falling in love.

TikTok user @wittleoso recently shared a video of one of her 8-week-old Dachshund puppy named Oso. In the video, Oso is practicing using his voice by emitting tiny, adorable cries that we can't get enough of. Check out the video to see this sweet pup and hear his cries for yourself!

OMG, this dog is so precious. We are falling in love with these cries and just want to cuddle Oso all night long!

People in the comments think this baby is too cute. @dcmpa said, "That little one would never leave my arms," and @janinem_92 commented, "I just wanna hold him and never put him down. So cute!" We haven't seen anything as adorable as Oso in a long time!

Others shared that their dogs had a reaction to hearing Oso's cries through the video. @bahf7 commented, "My puppy just tried to give him kisses through the phone." Another user, @ashoefreak said, "The sound interested my 14 week old pup, I guess she wanted to help!" What an amazing reaction from these pups. We wonder what Oso was saying!

We are so impressed with Oso's use of his voice at such a young age! His cries are already capturing hearts across the internet. We hope he gets his dinner soon though, we don't want this sweet baby to be hungry for long!

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