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Viral Video of Tiny Kitten Getting a Bath Is As Precious As It Gets

Brooklyn, NY-based TikTok user @heidiwranglescats is doing the work of an angel and we love following along. She shares her stories and experiences of rescuing cats and kittens. It unfortunately seems like she has to rescue a fur baby often, but we're thankful she's here to save them. Not only does she bring us along for the journey, but she also teaches us. For instance, in one of her most recent clips, she shared the do's and don'ts of kitten bath time. 

In the video, she was giving a bath to an orphaned kitten named Marshal. The poor kitty was found outside a fire station, hence the name. Marshal is only about 3 weeks old and he was covered in fleas. So flea bath time it was! She walks us through the process of giving such a young kitten a bath. It's hard for them this young to maintain their body temperature so everything you do for them has to be done a specific way. We promise you'll learn something new from her tips. Plus, who doesn't love see a tiny kitten getting a bath? It's too cute to pass up! 

Aww, we're so in love with Marshal already! He's absolutely adorable and clearly was very relieved after the bath. From the first few seconds of the video, you can tell just how knowledgable she is. She used a certain technique to protect Marshal's head from escaping fleas. We would've never thought to do that! Plus, she goes into details about certain bath soaps to use, the water temperature and what to do after the bath. Marshal, and the rest of the cats, are in very, VERY good hands!  

"Aww he's so sweet and calm. Thank you for doing what you do ten times!!!" said @p_tate420. Yes, thank you! Marshal is the cutest baby we've ever seen. @cgray_2020 added, "Awww you can tell he felt MUCH better." A little bath can go a long way! "😍 When he's sleeping!! You made him feel so safe 💖💖." wrote @VonMarzipan8. The safest he's ever felt! And we just know he had the best sleep ever after that warm, relaxing bath. 

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