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Tiny Angry Kittens Have Zero Chill and It's Beyond Precious

Cats hiss for numerous reasons. They may be in pain, afraid of another animal, or simply asking for space. This is completely normal cat behavior and when your cat hisses you can probably determine the exact reason why - they see a strange dog, they accidentally hit their paw on something, you know, normal cat reasons to hiss. That's why this video posed by TikTok account @Deescatrefuge is so hilariously inexplicable, because these precious little dum-dums have nothing to hiss about! 

Check out these sweet little furious babies. What are they so mad about? 

The comments on this video are almost as hilarious as the kittens themselves. @cat says, "When this happens you have to reboot them." LOLOLOL. Someone turn these kittens off they are malfunctioning! @Hattie comments, "I love how cats act like they’ve never seen cats before." @Chilepleez adds, "Two very angry little rain clouds." Awwww, yes, yes they are. 

These babies weren't actually angry, or scared, they were just having the longest, most ridiculous, fluffiest stand off in kitten history. 

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