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Woman Rescues Tiny Pony From Meat Slaughter Facility and the Moment He Trusts Her Is Incredible

Animal rescuers like @ohkaytacos and her wife Ally are true heroes. Not only do they put themselves at risk in order to get horses to safety (and out of slaughter situations), but they dedicate so much time and effort to their cause. No wonder they've been able to rescue so many sweet horses and ponies!

As difficult as some of the horses' pasts may be, they have such bright futures with Ally looking out for them. Just look at the moment this rescue pony realizes she's there to help him!

How precious! All it took was some patience and kindness to bring the little horse out of his shell. Just like commenter @angelikabantin979 wrote, "He will thank u 🥰 but for now we will. Poor lil guy. Glad u saved him." Ally gave this pony such a bright future with just one decision, and we couldn't be more grateful. 

"Every time you post a video I end up crying," said @justmyopinoin. "I wish I had a million dollars to donate to your cause. She is truly amazing." You said it! We admire Ally and her work oh-so-much, and we aren't the only ones. Her wife wrote in a reply to @jennspainphotography, "Yesterday was our three year wedding anniversary and I asked her what I did to deserve her. She’s the best person I’ve ever met honestly 🥺." We need more people in the world like her! 

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