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Kind Pet Store Worker Takes in Tiny Mouse Who Didn't Stand a Chance

There are people in this world who want to make a difference to animals, no matter how big or how small they are. That's the type of person TikTok user @Penguins_Milk is, and they brought home the tiniest mouse that was in their pet store because the other mice were biting it and stealing tiny Crumb's food. 

Look at how tiny this little guy is! 

@Penguins_milk asks for mice help in the comments because they have never owned a mouse before and so many kind souls were happy to offer advice. @Zoe posts, "He's made it this far so his chances are good! keep him warm and dry, ask your vet or feed store if they have supplement powder formula for nutrition." @Cam adds, "Mouse owner for many years: His fur being like that means he is likely very sick, you should bring him to the vet." @George comments, "He is so special I’m literally going to cry." 

Despite consulting a vet, little Crumb sadly passed away. Penguins_Milk has vowed to take in other runts and ill mice to give them all the happiness they can no matter how long they have on this earth. It's always sad when an animal dies prematurely, no matter how big or small they are, but we can't help but appreciate kind people like this who do what they can to help any creature in need. We need more people like this in the world. 

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