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The '333 Rule' of Adopting a Shelter Dog Is Something Everyone Should Remember

It's so fantastic when anyone welcomes a shelter dog into their home. The motto 'Don't shop, adopt." is one we can all get behind, and adopting a homeless pet is just a wonderful thing to do. 

But sometimes shelter dogs can come with their own set of challenges. Whether that be adapting to a new family, new surroundings, new strangers, smells, places to use the bathroom, places to eat their food, it's a lot for a dog! They are in totally unfamiliar surroundings, sometimes under a lot of neglectful and hurtful history, and that's why we love this beautiful and helpful video @JulieSacareno posted. 

The 333 rule is "The first three days is their time to decompress and get used to the new environment. After three weeks the dog has learned their new routine and their personality is starting to come out. After three months, your dog knows they are home." 

@KrystaFelkey shares her own experience with her pup "My girl slept for a month. It took a year before she was her full self. Be patient and enjoy the journey with your rescue. It’s worth it." @Sky adds "It literally took one of my rescues a year to fully come out of his shell and to feel relaxed and comfortable in my home." @Joewhite9596 sums it all up perfectly "So in other words be patient and loving before you take him back." 

Be patient with your dog, and be patient with yourself, and eventually it will be like you've always been together. 

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