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Warning of Potential Harmful Things for Dogs Is a Wakeup Call

TikTok user @tashbrowns shared helpful tips for dog owners that are giving us a huge wakeup call, especially since these are related to common dog activities and items. This truly made us more aware of what our dogs are doing. Now, we can be the best dog parents possible.

You might be surprised by some of the warnings she posted. Dog parks and collars, some people would never think twice on those. But her video is sharing some of the potential harmful things surrounding those examples and more. Take a look. 

Wow, this really gave us a new perspective as dog owners. And because we want to give our dogs the best, happiest lives, we need to listen to these warnings. 

TikTok users were commenting how much they agree and even offered more tips. @sprankles42 said, "As someone who has worked in vet emergency... yes to all." And @charlottelouise_92 added, "If you need a collar always make sure it's a breakaway collar." That's so scary to think a dog's collar might get stuck, which is why a breakaway collar is important. 

"Oh man. Just what I needed. More ways to be anxious about my dog 😂😳 all seriousness, thanks for these though!!" commented @gigilby. Right?! We're going to start worrying about every little thing our fur babies do now. But hey, better safe than sorry! So thank you, thank you, for these amazing warnings! 


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