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Video of 175-Pound Tortoise Enjoying a Walk in Town Is Pure Internet Gold

Most folks won't take a second glance when passing by someone walking a dog (then there's us who stare at the pup for as long as they're in view), but who wouldn't do a double take if they passed a 175-pound tortoise in the middle of town? Caitlyn and her tortoise, Tiptoe, are likely used to all the looks and whispers by now, but even TikTok is in awe of the duo's trip into town. To be fair, it's pretty fascinating to see how they do it! 

Caitlyn posts her pet's adventures on their TikTok account, @caitlinandtiptoe, though this video is even more special than the others. Maybe it's the reptile in an unusual environment, but whatever it is--we love it!

Tiptoe is just the cutest! He's such a big, curious boy, and we adore him for it. Commenter @cheesedaily especially loved "the way he looks out the window❤️" while in the car, and we couldn't agree more. He acted just like a dog!

"Tiptoe in the car: 'woah so fast,'" wrote @taylorboomer--LMAO! We can't help but wonder what was going through his mind as he watched the world go by, but whatever it was went out the window (pun intended) the moment he arrived in town. Clearly, he had some exploring to do!

@Napoleon88's reference in the comment section was spot-on, and now we need a new version of this video with background music: "Making my way downtown , walking fast , faces pass and im homebound." We aren't the only ones hearing the piano music, right?

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