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Toddler Who Refers to Family's Chickens as 'His Girls' Wins the Internet

We don't know about you, but we think chickens make the best pets. They're so smart and affectionate — it really should be no surprise that one little boy is absolutely smitten with "his girls." That's what he calls the chickens who live at his house. But it's the way that he greeted the "ladies" after spending some time away from home that really has people online talking. 

Little Maverick knew exactly what he wanted to do first thing when he got home from vacation. Take a visit to the chicken coop! "I need to check on my girls," he tells his mom in the video she shared on her TikTok page @melissacoleman15. "What are you excited to do?" his mama asks. "To check on the chickens," he says. First, Maverick gives his chickens a good squeeze hello — and then he and the chicks catch up. "How was your week?" he asks. You just have to see the look on his face! We're absolutely dying.

"Someone missed his girls while we were on vacation," the caption states. 

The comments section was so in love with Maverick and his girls. "Sweet boy!!! Love how he calls the chickens his girls," @lynnelu22 wrote. "So thoughtful asking about their day," @thetexian praised. "He makes my day! I love how the first thing he needs to do is check on his girls," @y_von1 added. "I can't handle these videos of him with the chickens. Instant smiles and tears. Thank you for teaching love to animals!!" @kona1213 gushed. 

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We love seeing a little one who is so connected to animals at such a young age. We're sure the girls missed Maverick just as much as he missed them.

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