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Toddler's Response to Getting Caught Feeding the Dog Makes Us LOL

Anyone who has kids and dogs know that they are partners in crime. Kids are always willing to give their dogs whatever they want, and sometimes they don't know better. One dog schemed to get a snack with his toddler sibling and their reaction to getting caught it the best.

TikTok user @beckylloyd100 recently shared a video of her daughter, Beatrice, and their Cockapoo, Jeff, getting into some mischief together. In the video, their mom is sneakily recording them as Beatrice scoops spoonfuls of yogurt from her snack cup for Jeff to lick. Check out the video to see what happens when they realize mom is watching!

LOL, this is too funny for so many reasons! When Beatrice turns to face her mom, you can see her mouth is covered in yogurt, and she immediately blames Jeff for being the mastermind behind the yogurt feeding. These two are too cute!

People in the comments thought Beatrice was awesome for sharing her snack with Jeff. @luxjerryious said, "Sharing is caring…" and @user2886372636739 commented, "Awe she is so cute and generous." Jeff is teaching Beatrice a valuable lesson in sharing, which he hopes to profit from for a long time!

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Others could totally relate to this mom's struggle to keep her daughter from feeding their dog! @klhaur commented, "So cute. My dog gained so much weight when our baby was a toddler LOL." Another user, @smokesymcpot, said, "I wish I could tell you it changes, my 3 year old let the cat lick the cheese off a Dairylea Dunker the other day." To be fair, how can we expect kids to say no to their furry friends asking for a little snack?

We just love everything about this video, from the adorable yogurt-faced baby to Jeff's indifference in getting caught by mom. Jeff will probably want to teach Beatrice to be more discrete next time! 

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