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Toddler's Devotion to Family's Foster Puppy Moves Us to Tears

Adopting an animal can be hard, but we'll argue that fostering is even harder. Fostering usually leads to a very difficult goodbye when the animal finally goes to their forever home. We imagine it's nearly impossible to say goodbye to the fur baby you brought into your home. That's why we believe fostering is one of the most selfless things a person can do. 

We can't imagine how difficult it's going to be to say goodbye to this foster puppy that TikTok user @joanacarval and her family have been looking after. Any goodbye is hard, but after seeing the bond between the toddler and this puppy, we'd say it will be impossible. Get ready to cry over this beautiful clip. 

Ugh, here come the tears! The caption has a point - fostering is so bittersweet. Although, you are allowed to have a foster fail! That just means the person fostering decides to keep and adopt that animal. We're rooting for this family to have a foster fail with the puppy. LOL! 

And safe to say TikTokers agree. "Omg, you have to keep him! They're meant to be together! Look at all that love," wrote @meelo_the_clever_beagle. We've never seen a bond so pure between a dog and a toddler. They're made for each other! "That's his dog now," added @consandrabatts. It's true! Sorry, we don't make the rules. LOL! 

@I_sch1977 said, "I foster too and it's so tough, but the bond between a dog and a child...I bet you keep him!" We'll bet that too! Don't you want them to grow up together!? 

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