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Toddler's Unlikely Friendship With Pet Iguana Couldn't Be More Precious

We've seen our fair share of toddlers, hanging out with their pet besties. All of which are insanely adorable videos. Who could resist a little kid and their pet? But most of the time those adorable videos only include dogs, cats and even horses. So it's no surprise that we were taken aback by TikTok user @ontarioiguanas's clip of her toddler's unlikely friendship. 

In this clip that captured our hearts, the toddler was hanging out next to the family's iguana. The little kid immediately gives the iguana named Pip a huge hug. Ugh, so cute! That prompted the other iguana named Sassy to come down from their habitat. Someone's a little jealous! Luckily this toddler has enough love to go around! 

Aww! She is so sweet and gentle with these iguanas. We'd never expect that with a child. Who else thought a little kid would've been scared with these unusual animals?! We thought that because they probably don't see iguanas very often. But once again, we were proven wrong because this little girl LOVES her iguanas! 

"Pip and Sassy are like, 'Yeeesss, worship me tiny human,'" commented @Sabrina Phoenix. LOL! They were loving all the attention. You could just tell by their faces. In heaven! @maddie__405 said, "She put the first one to sleep😂." She really did! @candygirljade added, " Legends say Pip is still waiting for more hugs..." Ha! To be fair, it looked like an awesome hug so we'd be waiting for another one too! 

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@Jocelyn Orieux pointed out, "Most kids have dogs or cats. This kid has pet dragons." Instead of kids asking for a puppy, they'll be asking for pet dragons after seeing this video. We hope parents are ready! LOL! 

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