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Toddler and Puppy's Precious Play Session Shows Why Kids Need Dogs

There's usually hesitation on whether or not to bring a dog into the family with a little human running around. Often times we see parents who already have a dog that then have a baby. But training a dog and raising a human at the same time is what people call crazy. 

Yes, that might be the case, but TikTok user @charlottescrunchymama is showing us that it's absolutely worth the chaos. She captured the most adorable video of her toddle and Golden Retriever puppy playing. And trust us, this video is about to live rent free in your mind forever. 

Holy cuteness! We can confirm that there hasn't been a cuter video on our timelines than this one. Any doubt that you had before about raising dogs and kids at the same time was absolutely forgotten while watching this video. It's totally possible! And omg, don't even get us started on that laugh. We could listen to that all day! 

"The way she tried to help her up and was so careful not to knock her off then followed her down the slide!! Best friends right there," commented @sophielouise3107. The most adorable best friends we've ever seen! We can't wait to see their friendship grow even more. @kt.undercover added, "This is genuinely the cutest video I've ever seen. She's gonna love watching this back when she's older. Core memory for life!!" Aww, that's so true! She'll cherish this video forever and always. 

@Bunny_Girl asked, "Do we deserve dogs?" Honestly, we ask ourselves this every day. The fact that this Golden Retriever was so careful with the small human shows us that we truly don't deserve them. They're our angels sent from heaven! 


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