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Toddler Sweetly Shares His French Fries With the Dog and Makes Us Smile

It's impossible to share your french fries at any age. And you don't want anyone stealing them because you can eat every single one, down to the little crumbs. So we can't imagine how a little kid feels when they're told they have to share. Fries are the one delicious treat they have every once in a while so they want to savor them. At least it's nice to know that some kids are better at sharing than others. 

Take for instance the sweetest moment TikTok user @coopermisty8 captured of her toddler. The little boy was holding a bag filled with McDonald's french friends right next to the dog. He slowly takes out one fry at a time. And with no hesitation, he does something that we would've never thought to do at his age, but it's seriously the cutest thing. Plus, it's proof that sharing is absolutely caring!

Aww! How sweet is he?! The toddler really alternated between giving the dog a fry and then eating one himself. Except the dog ate a little too quickly, which of course means he got more. LOL! Sounds like a typical dog! 

At least the kid caught on because he paused and checked out many fries he had left. @kosta_gsd said, "He was just taking inventory at the end of the video." He was probably thinking that something wasn't adding up. Ha! Another TikTok user, @kameron747, added, "He is counting and deciding if he wants to continue sharing." It finally clicked that he was getting the short end of the stick. LOL! 

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@dellafae1 wrote, "Oh what a great brother sharing with his fur sibling." The best brother ever! We barely share like that now. LOL! "True love when you share your fries ♥️," said @brentsongs. Ain't that the truth! And don't even get us started on the doggo. That fur baby was taking the fries so sweetly! Clearly these two are best buds! 

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