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Toddler Calling For His New Horse Is the Absolute Cutest Thing

Everyone remembers their first pet. Although for most of us it was probably a puppy or a goldfish. For one fortunate little boy, one of his first pets is a beautiful horse named Maple (or MayMay as he affectionately calls her) and their bond is so unique. The little one is fearless when it comes to the massive animal, especially in a video that's blown up on TikTok. 

As @maple_nala explained elsewhere on her page, Kolton was only 1 when they got Maple, so they've grown up together. But now video of the two of them when their family first got the horse has received a lot of buzz online. "There she is, she's way down there," Kolton's mom can be heard saying behind the camera. "Yell for her," she instructed. The horse was way down at the bottom of a field. Meaning that Kolton would need some serious lung power to get her attention. "MAYMAY," he howled. "MayMay come!" he continued. 

MayMay of course came sprinting. Kolton looks so pleased when she finally arrives. 

Almost 14 million people were touched after watching the cute video. "Nooooo the way she actually ran to him I’m crying," @calli301 admitted. "Tell my why this grown man’s eyes are sweating right now," @doc_edward_77 joked. "That is precious, a lot to be said about animals they know who babies are and they love too," @sistersarah0730 wrote. "MY HEART MayMay really said is that — is that MY tiny — YES! MY TINY HUMAN IS CALLING ME," @thatblonde_bitty commented. 

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Or to put it like one commenter: "MayMay knows what's up."

She really does.

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