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Video of Owl Cafe in Tokyo Makes Us Want to Book a Flight ASAP

Forget about checking out a cat cafe, we found something way better and we need to go ASAP. The only reason we found out about this cafe is because of social media's power. You'll be wanting to go here all thanks to TikTok user @sam_thegirl.  

This TikToker visited an owl cafe in Tokyo. Yes, you read that right! We didn't know such a cafe existed. Check out the clip as she shows off the entire cafe and her experience in the clip. Believe us when we say it's a hoot! 

O.M.G. We need to book a flight to Toyko solely to visit this adorable owl cafe. We love that you have the chance to have an owl fly onto your arm. How many people get to say that!? And then all the cute owl decorations, ugh incredible! 

"Omggg what an amazing experience," said @faraherslo. Right!? We've heard of cat cafes and even cafes with corgis, but this one stands out. It's so unique and an experience not many people get to have. @billy.bobian added, "I don't get jealous often, but when I do owl own up to it." LOL! We love a good pun comment. But also, we'll very much own up to being jealous. We're not denying it at all! 

@wendyflores415 wrote, "Welp, my bucket list keeps getting longer and longer. Definitely adding this café. No longer going to Japan just for Hello Kitty." HA! As much as we love social media, we hate it too because users keep showing us so many amazing places that we need to visit. We better get started!

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