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Version of 'Top Gun' Starring A Cat Totally Wins the Internet

Were you a fan of the summer blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick but thought to yourself "You know what would make this movie that much better? If it starred a cat," then boy do we have the video for you. TikTok user @Owlkitty made this ridiculously cool video and we just love it too much. 

This is so funny we don't even know where to start. The editing is beyond hilarious. Without further ado, please enjoy Maverick and Owl Kitty doing what they do best.. going super sonic .

It's just too much.. the cat playing volleyball, the piano playing, the flying. So funny. @Lou comments, "Top Gun: Meowverick." Now that's a great name for the sequel. @Carrie says, "I'll only watch this movie if the whole thing is done by Owlkitty." @Tadyadedhomie is here for this, posting, "This cat made 1000 times better I'd pay to watch this." We would too!

Now someone get Tom Cruise on the line and hook him up with OwlKitty. We think there's an academy award for best use of a cat in a motion picture in their future! 

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