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Video of Tortoise Enjoying His Favorite Snack Is a Serious Timeline Cleanse

The key to getting through each week is so allow yourself a weekly reward. It doesn't need to be anything major, just a nice treat as a way to say, "Hey, we did good this week." This tortoise has implemented this system, and he is loving it!

The treat that Tortellini the Tortoise has opted for is an extra long cactus, which he eats with the cutest little eager bites. In the video posted to TikTok by @tortellini_salt, Tortellini's owner explains that he gets this treat each Thursday. Watch the feel good clip to boost your mood today!

Cactuses aren't our go-to snack, but Tortellini sure seems to be enjoying his treat! 

The people in the comments are loving this video. Many people expressed the desire for a longer video. @hskakuejs said, "Need a 3 minute video of him eating it." and @brap_brap_ said, "The video should be longer!" Seven seconds really is not long enough to properly appreciate Tortellini!

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Several others joked that they would be joining Tortellini in this endeavor. @dont_gesualdo_me commented, "Excellent I can add this to my routine," and @casperskjsj said, "I'll be taking munches of it as well bro, cactus is so good." We decline to participate, but we'll support from a distance!

Finally, a few people expressed doubt that Tortellini could finish the entire cactus. Shame! Tortellini's parent said that next time Tortellini gets a big cactus, they would take a time-lapse of him eating his treat. Now we have something special to look forward to next Thursday!

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