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Video of Tortoise’s Nightly Bedtime Routine Is Bringing People So Much Joy

Why do little kids always fight us when it’s bedtime? They never want to brush their teeth or when you try to put on their pajamas, they run away from you. All we know is that we want to have it as easy as this tortoise mom who doesn't have to lift even a finger at bedtime. 

Ethel is a 6-year-old tortoise with nearly 80K followers on the TikTok account @etheltheglamourtort. She has a strict 5 o’clock bedtime, yes 5 p.m. LOL! This mom must be living the life by sitting back and relaxing without the worry of getting Ethel to bed because Ethel does it all herself. A recent clip shows Ethel making her long and slow journey to her bedroom oasis. The setup is adorable, and you won’t believe what she does to get comfy! 

Aww, Ethel is the cutest! And boy, are we shocked by how long she can sleep! First of all, she has curtains for her bedroom door. And then she uses a pillow?! Absolutely precious. Ethel is really living the rent-free life under her parents bed.

“Ethel starts going to bed at 5. Gets in bed at 7,” commented @Emily B. Woodham. Ha! The slow walk is just her wind down from the day. “The golden hour to get her 14-15 hours of beauty sleep,” said @Tommie Angel. No wonder she looks so good for her age. Turns out Ethel wakes up when her mom does, which is around 8 a.m. So as her mom put it, “Just a little beauty nap.” Lol! 

Our favorite comment goes to @Sherrie Marie Schuma who said, “How my co-workers move.” LMAO! We all know that one co-worker that moves at the speed of a tortoise. Too bad none of them are as cute as Ethel. Only she can get away with being so slow!