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Video of Tortoise Chowing Down on Cactus Pads Has Us Fascinated and in Awe

We love snacks as much as the next person, but we don't think anyone loves to munch as much as this tortoise does. Meet Tiptoe! Aside from having an adorable name and impressive size, the massive reptile boasts a gorgeous personality--even while he eats!

Tiptoe's mama, Caitlin, shares some of his daily adventures on their TikTok account, @caitlinandtiptoe. This particular video gives viewers a close-up look at the animal's snacking skills, which are positively captivating.

Just listen to those crunches! If you ask us, this tortoise could have his very own ASMR channel on YouTube, though we'd watch just about anything he does. Sounds like we're on the same page as @punky2311florida.

"Tiptoe’s munching sound made my day!" she wrote in the comment section. 
"I just love him! What an amazing turtle!" Although he's technically a tortoise, we can't help but agree. He wasn't just snacking on those cactus pads--he was chowing down!

Like any amazing pet parent, Caitlin was more than willing to share her secrets. When @nyi_world_pretty asked, "Where do u get your Cactus pads and Hibiscus flower from I can’t find any seed to plant them," the tortoise's mama was quick to respond.

"We either get cactus pads from the Mexican markets or sometimes even on Amazon," she wrote. As for the hibiscus, she let @x._.annie._x_.pop._.x know that she grows them in her own backyard. Of course!

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