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Glimpse Into Tortoise's Daily Life Is Brightening Timelines

Animals have pretty similar lives that we do. They eat, sleep, exercise and repeat. If their lives are nothing crazy, then why do we still obsess over day-in-the-life videos of different animals? For starters, they're just so cute we can't get enough! And probably because they're out here living better than we are. LOL!

The latest video to capture our hearts comes from TikTok user @throughthe.lleaves. She walked us through the daily life of her pet tortoise named Fig. And we're not joking when we say this will brighten your entire week!

O.M.G. Fig is living the LIFE! Not only is his entire house enclosure so cool, but it's also the center of attention in this house. Forget about watching TV, we'd be watching Fig the entire time. And we'd say everyone on TikTok agrees. That's probably why this clip has over 7.5 million views! 

“THE FLOWER HAT AHHHHHHH,” said @al0hachase. Our thoughts exactly! This is the best accessory we've ever seen, hands down. And we knew that was going to be a great video when it started off with Fig’s flower hat!

Another TikTok user, @angelmoonbaby1111, wrote, “Aww, so precious and you take care of him so well!” She really does treat him so well. Like daily spas and fresh meals. Fig is the bougiest of boujee. But hey, it's what he deserves! @jaelperez175 added, "Bro lives better than me." For real though. Did you see the size of his house?! It's HUGE! Lol! 


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