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Tortoise and Dog's Unlikely Love Story Needs Its Own 'Disney' Movie

One of the greatest joys as a pet owner is when your pets form a strong bond with each other. It's wonderful to see these animals that you love endlessly showing each other love as well. One woman experiences this joy between her two pets that make an unlikely match, and she is sharing the love online.

TikTok user @tillygthetortoise recently shared a video of her tortoise, Tilly G, and Chihuahua mix, Skippy. In the video, she shows us the various clips that display the wonderful bond between this dog and tortoise while describing their behavior with a voice over. Check out the video to see all the adorable moments Tilly G and Skippy share to understand why everyone is convinced they are in love!

OMG, this is unbelievably adorable! We love how Skippy brings so many gifts to Tilly G throughout the day, and Tilly G is so sweet to go and wait for Skippy by the door before he comes outside. We need Disney to pick this story up ASAP!

People in the comments love this sweet and unusual relationship. @carla_c11 said, "I love these two! They make no sense, and it's perfect." Another user @sinnernsaint, commented, "Awww, what a sweet friendship! Such beautiful creatures." This is the kind of relationship everyone hopes for between their pets!

Others pointed out specific moments they adored from the video. @sapphicfilmnerd commented, 'Tilly G climbing the stairs like, "BROTHER COME OUT AND PLAY!"' and @slaybyjess said, "The aggressive tail wagging is too good." There's no shortage of moments to obsess over in this video!

The love between these two is incredible. To have such a close companion is a special thing, and Tilly G and Skippy seem to be in it for the long haul. We hope these two have a lot more time to grow old together!

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