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Puppy and Tortoise Have Instant ‘Love at First Sight’ Connection in Precious Video

Just like salt and pepper or love oil and vinegar, sometimes, opposites totally go together. We’d like to think a Golden Retriever puppy named Skippy and a tortoise named Tilly G are another one of these epic pairings, as can be seen in a TikTok video that's recently gone viral online. Can you say BFFs?

It might be hard to tell from more recent videos on the @tillygthetortoise page, but Skippy and Tilly G weren't always friends. In fact, their owner shared video of when the two first met. The footage shows a puppy-sized Skippy excitedly walking over to Tilly G. "Yep, that’s baby Skippy meeting Tilly G for the first time, on the day we adopted him, at 10 weeks of age," @tillygthetortoise wrote in the video's caption. "Tilly G and Skippy were instantly drawn to each other from the moment they met. I can’t explain it, so you just have to see it to believe it," she added. Take a look for yourself! 

Thousands of people wrote in in the comments section. "He was like: OMG, my brother is a dinosaur!!!!!" @daphlina teased. "He loves his shelldog brother," @caduceus949 kidded. "He ran up on him so fast," @aaronarnold1984 remarked.

A second video also shows their "instant connection." "I think Tilly G liked Skippy from the beginning," @tillygthetortoise wrote in the video's caption. 

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So there you have it. It might seem unbelievable that a dog and a tortoise could bond so quickly. But if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that these two will be lifelong friends. 

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