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Video of Tortoise 'Having His Way' With an Old Shoe Is Absolutely Hilarious

We can learn so much from our pets. They're fun-loving, resourceful, and they never take life too seriously--just look at Tommy the tortoise! This silly guy is gaining TikTok fame for a special...encounter he had in the backyard, and social media is living for it. Well--we can see why!

We can also see why @lfcaddy93 just had to stop and get this on tape. It's downright hilarious! The only one who might not be so happy about this is his mother, who lost a shoe to Tommy's...uh, good time. Sorry, Mom!

LMAO! Yes, you are watching what you think you're watching. No need to thank us! 

Don't worry, we were just as taken aback the first time we saw this clip. Tommy is really going for it! Just like @tlcnotts said, "he's putting more effort in than most lads I've been with 👌.. He a star 😂." Haha! Well, you're not wrong...

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"He saw the scales and thought 'yeah it's on,'" wrote @houseofazzo. LOL--he must have! It does make us wonder why he chose a shoe of all things, but one thing's for sure: "this is how CROCS are made." Commenter @justpeter91 definitely deserves an award for that one. No wonder it's the most liked comment! 

If you watched this video with sound, we're both sorry and happy for you. Bet you didn't know you needed to know what sound tortoises make! Although commenters like @parrisfraser said, "i'm scared and scarred for life after hearing that squelching sound," others (like us) found it positively hilarious. Like @kpnuts56 wrote, it sounds like Tommy "found his "sole" mate 😂."

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