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Video Listing 3 Foods That Are Dangerous For Cats Is a Must-See for Pet Parents

Any pet parent knows how difficult it is to say no to your fur baby. They look at you longingly for a little nibble of your food. Most of the time you'll crack, just like we do, because they're too cute to resist. But it's important to research and learn what foods our pets can eat so when you do crack, you make smart decisions. You wouldn't want to have an incident on your hands. 

Thankfully, TikTok user @whyicanthavenicethings filled us in on three different foods that can be very dangerous for cats. We're sure there are more food items they shouldn't eat, but at least these are a start if you didn't know them already! And from the list, we'd say there's at least one that will shock some. Check it out. 

Wow! This is some great information to keep handy! Chocolate is one of the foods people probably knew not to give cats because it's the same one for dogs. But the whole dairy one is new to us. You might've associated milk and cats together, but apparently, a lot of cats can be lactose intolerant, meaning they can't have dairy, milk included. 

"Just found out about the milk thing oppppps," said @bonkers147. We're sure there are several people just finding out about this. But hey, better late finding out than not at all. And now we know to keep them away from milk and dairy! "Small amounts of yogurt is ok for cats," wrote @roboticsdude. Even though we think none is better, this could still be true. The creator responded by saying, "Very small amounts and plain yogurt, not flavored." That's very important to remember if you're going to let your cat have any yogurt at all. 

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Another TikTok user, @Rachel Crandall148, added, "And also grapes," which is another food that cats cannot eat. And remember, always consult your vet for any questions you may have! 

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