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Trader Joe's Has an Advent Calendar for Cats and We're Here for It

We have truly fallen in love with Trader Joe's in our adult life. The grocery store just has everything with so many cool and unique items. And the best part about this grocery store is that they're even looking out for fur babies. 

For example, TikTok user just got a cat-friendly advent calendar from Trader Joe's. What?! We didn't know that even existed. Watch the clip as this user opens the first day of the calendar for their cat. 

O.M.G. We've never wanted to purchase a Christmas-related item more than this. We feel like dogs mostly get all the cool toys or gifts, so seeing this for cats is such a beautiful surprise. 

Something tells us Trader Joe's is about to get a lot more customers after this video. LOL! @foolishfeels wrote, "Omg!! My kitten would go crazy!! I got to get one." We're seriously about to go there this weekend and buy one. It's just such a cool product that we can't miss this opportunity to get it! @ashleyandmollycats said, "One of my cats attacked the box and opened another one a couple of days on her own." Sounds just like kids! They can never stop at just one day. LOL! 

There were quite a few mixed reviews about this cat advent calendar. Some TikTok users were saying their cats didn't like the treats included. But then others disagreed. @taylor_saychee wrote, "My cats freaking LOVED IT last year. Going back for more!!!!" Guess we'll just have to test it out ourselves to find out whether it's worth it for our cats or not!


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