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Video Showing the True Reality of Traveling With a Dog Has People Cheering

Have you seen those T-shirts and coffee cups that read, "I'm not going if I can't bring my dog?" So many dog owners can totally relate to that. Sure, you can hire a dog sitter or take your dog to a boarding kennel, but sometimes you just want to take your fur kid with. Dogs are a member of the family, and taking trips with them just makes those trips that much more memorable. But what if you don't feel like flying with your dog? 

This video uploaded by @Jaclynspringer shows the true reality of taking trips with pets in tow. Any dog owner who's been there can totally identify with this! 

That's some pet love right there! Driving for 7 hours so your dog can come with instead of taking an hour and a half flight. You do what you gotta do, and a lot of pet owners don't feel comfortable having their baby ride in the baggage compartment, With the costs of flying a dog ranging in price from $50 to $500, sometimes, it just makes more sense to pack them into their car and hit the open road. 

Judging from the comments, a lot of owners feel the same way. One commenter @kellyvolden said, "Did a 17-hour drive to take the dog at Thanksgiving." Another TikTok viewer, @saltlifegirl76 added, "Just did this yesterday! 12-hr drive- all for the dog." 

With the holidays coming up, a lot of pets will be heading home to spend time with family, so be sure and check out these safety trips for traveling with your dogs

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