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Vet's Trick to Brushing Dogs Teeth Is a Stroke of Genius

If you’ve ever tried brushing your pets’ teeth, you know how the struggle is REAL. In fact, it’s almost impossible. You basically have to pin them down and even then you might only get a few good brushes in.

Luckily, TikTok user @holisticvetadvice and holistic veterinarian posted a helpful tip. So apparently this is the oldest trick in the book, but for us this is new. All you need is CET toothpaste for dogs and a dog chew. Yes, that’s it. Take a look! 

Why have we never thought of this before!? This is seriously such a great idea. This doctor even recommended to use Standard Process BioDent to avoid chlorhexidine in the dental chews. He also said in the comments to still always advise them while they eat.

@olivia.lakin wrote, “Something so simple and I never thought of it or had a vet advise this! Thank you! I have one who won’t let me brush.” We seriously can’t believe how simple this can be. He did say to those who are having success with brushing their dogs’ teeth to keep going with that. This is just secondary or supplemental to the brushing.

Another TikTok user, @70.s.girl, asked, “How often?” Believe it or not, he said you can do it daily! Our dogs are going to be having better teeth than we are. LOL! @itsplutoswrld added, “Such great advice!!” It truly is! We’re excited to give this a try with our doggos. No more wrangling them up and forcing a brushing. They’ll have a treat and clean teeth – a win-win!

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