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Dog Mom's Viral Trick for Cutting Her Pup's Butt Fur Is Totally Genius

Can we talk about something well, sort of hairy? It's a topic that no one wants to talk about — grooming your dog's butt fur. It's a dirty job, but you have to do it. So is there an easy way to get it done? One person on TikTok is sharing their absolutely brilliant tip for giving your pup their much-needed haircut. Causing people online to cheer.

Moose's owner (@moose_the_miniaussie) knows how to take care of her mini-Australian Shepherd and she's sharing her best tips and tricks online. According to a video she shared on TikTok, there's one sure-fired way to snip her pup's booty easily and safely. And we're totally here for her perfect tip. First things first: "booty pigtails." That's right, collect your pup's fur into two pigtails so that all the hair that needs to be removed is together. Then, "chop off," she wrote in the caption. Take a look at the whole process in the video below. 

Make sure to clean up the ends with dog clippers! And voila! Your dog's behind is good to go. 

People in the comments section were impressed. "Everybody hates that I have my groomer do this to my Shelties but they need it! They always be getting dingleberries in there!" @gipsyxdanger shared. "Why does this look better than when the groomer does it?" @lolathemerle wondered. "Awwwww so cute," @nat19804_ chimed in. 

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Many people warned that using scissors if not a trained dog groomer can be dangerous, so always make sure you check in with your groomer to make sure that you can give your pup a fur-cut safely at home. Happy haircutting! 

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