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Video of Staffordshire Terrier Waiting for People Passing by to Pet Her Has People So Moved

Making a good impression on your neighbors can be tricky. But we really think that one person from North Queensland, Australia has found the best way to become buddies with the people who live next door. Let your pet do the talking! That's right, the mom set up the cutest sign to let people know her Staffordshire Bull Terrier was friendly and then shared the results in an adorable video online. 

Tubs, or Miss. Tubs (@tubsthebluestaffy) as she also goes by online, is the sweetest puppy. So her owner made her a sign telling people as much for outside their home. "Tubs is friendly. She would love a gentle pat," it reads. A video on Tubs TikTok page showed what happened after the mom finally put the sign up outside. 

Let's just say it was a huge success! Tubs got so many pats. Just look at how much her tail was wagging! 

"Little Miss. Tubs greeting the neighbors," the pet owner wrote in the caption. 

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Tubs' video has since been watched a whopping 24.7 million times and people were already planning their visit. "We're coming by for a pat this week," @buddy_blue_staffy wrote. "She doesn’t know a sign was put up, she just knows things have gotten better," @jolosoge added. "Not to be dramatic but I would die for Tubs," @liv.pearsall joked. "The opposite of a 'beware of dog' sign, love it," @philusional teased. 

Later in the thread, Tubs' owner explained that they only let Tubs out when someone is home. So she's always perfectly safe.

Now excuse us while we plan a trip to Australia!

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