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Video of a Tiger Playing Tug-of-War at North Dakota Zoo Makes Us Want to Visit

A zoo in Minot, North Dakota is making us want to book a trip solely to see the tigers. Well, we'd want to walk around the entire zoo because well, all the animals are great. But there's an interactive exhibit with the tigers that is unlike anything you've ever seen. Trust us, you'll want to go also!  

We first learned about it from the zoo's TikTok account, @rpzoominot. The video has over 1.4 million views, which makes us believe everyone will be going to North Dakota for this. A huge, long rope is coming out from the tiger enclosure. On the inside, one tiger gets ready to play tug-of-war. And on the other side, several people on a team. It looks like one tiger versus five people! Any guesses on who will win?! The results are shocking!

What?! We didn't know tug-of-war with a tiger was a thing, but now that we do, we need it. It's one of the coolest things we've seen! We knew tigers were strong, but this really showcases their strength. Our toxic trait is that we'd think we'd be strong enough to win even though we know it's virtually impossible. LOL! Maybe 20 vs. 1 would stand a chance! 

@wick_night pointed out, "Viktor just going easy on them." Right?! He was just fooling them into thinking they could actually win. LOL! At least it's a fun experience for everyone and the tiger. @dem0nsiget said, "I loved this. Education for the people and some fun and enrichment for the tiger." Exactly! It lets people see just how strong tigers really are without the danger. So cool!

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"I can't imagine being asked, 'What did you do this weekend?' and getting to answer with 'Played tug-of-war with a tiger,'" commented @krisplumb42. Ha! That would be so amazing to say that. Plus, watching the person's reaction would be priceless. @Kayla Martin wrote, "*Adds 'playing tug-of-war with tiger' to bucket list*." SAME! It's an essential bucket list item now that we know it's a thing! 

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