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Turkey Who Adores Car Rides Just Like a Dog Is Too Cute to Resist

We don't know if we've mentioned our love of turkeys lately. They're smart, docile, and even get along well with kids. Just take a look at the video shared by TikTok creator @fritotheturkey, who captured her turkey Frito gently drifting off to sleep while on a car ride recently. One look at this footage and you'll never feel the same way about turkeys again.

The TikTok creator calls Frito her "house turkey" — meaning he spends his time inside the house with his humans, not outside like you might imagine. On this day Frito was riding along with his owner, when they noticed that he couldn't keep his eyes open. "He sleeps in his car seat like a toddler," the TikToker wrote in the text overlay. "A car ride ALWAYS puts him to sleep," they added. We can't take it, you have to see all this cuteness for yourself! 

"He loves car rides. He always behaves and stays sitting in his car seat. He’s probably better than the dogs," his owner wrote in the caption. 

People in the comments section couldn't help but laugh. "I love this I'm going to take my turkey for a ride," @trishamarkulakis shared. "I can’t stop watching this," @marciajackson.artist admitted. "Turkeys are characters especially if u get one that warms up to you and becomes your best friend," @moondancer903 wrote. "More well behaved than my dog," @mx_rabbit teased. 

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We still can't get over Frito's little car seat! How funny! No wonder his owner loves taking rides in the car with him. Now excuse us while we get ourselves a pet turkey — ASAP.

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