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Video of Turtle Giving an Adorable Little 'High Five' Is Simply Irresistible

Everyone loves high fives because they're a fun way to express joy or excitement with others, and they allow for a special moment of unity. A high five from an animal, such as a turtle, would make the exchange even better. One man was the lucky person to receive a high five from one enthusiastic reptile.

Garden State Tortoise is a reptile rescue and breeding facility. On their TikTok, @gardenstatetortoise, they recently shared a video of a small turtle named Otis, giving a little high five to his dad! Check out this awesome moment in the video below.

Awww, Otis is just the coolest! We loved how his little turtle paw was the same size as his dad's finger for the high five. This is just irresistible!

People in the comments loved watching this moment between the turtle and his dad. @doncout said, "I love how this little guy interacts with you! So beautiful." Another user, @shelle_day, commented, "It's amazing how he loves you! He amazes me, his reaction towards you is always the same... He is definitely your spirit animal!" We love seeing people whose vibes match their pets.

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Others just thought little Otis was super cool. @pinkmarshmallowotter commented, "What a beautiful turtle. Lovely colors," and @christine20004 said, "Never knew I needed a turtle so much in my life!" This video certainly makes a compelling argument to adopt a turtle!

Otis did such a great job giving his dad a high five. We hope we are able to high five a turtle one day. It would be such a fun moment!

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