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Turtle's Cute Obsession With One of His Caretakers Is Touching People's Hearts

Bonding with a pet is just so special! No matter what species they are, it's beyond rewarding to build trust, friendship, and love with an animal companion. We can only hope it's just as rewarding for our pets! 

When @gardenstatetortoise first posted videos of the bond between Otis the Eastern Box Turtle and his human dad, TikTok couldn't get enough. Not only is it clear that the bond between the two is stronger than glue, but it's adorable to see just how obsessed Otis is with his dad. In one hilarious video, the duo aims to show just how strong this obsession is--Otis even recognizes and loves his dad through the phone screen!

What a funny little dude! We just adore this turtle's need to be near his dad, but it's just as heartwarming to see that the love goes both ways. Just like a lot of commenters, though, we can't help but wonder how this obsession came to be. 

@Almostfamous1964 hypothesized that "he knew you in a former life," while @jennikatter joked, "He’s probably trying to tell you the secret to life." Either way, we can't get enough of Otis's expressive little face. 

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Neither could @bonneys4ever, who was reminded of her own pet's shenanigans. "You are his mate!" she wrote. "I used to have a male iguana that was IN LOVE with my neighbor!! Seriously, he would go out my front door and go to her house 😳!" OMG, that's one motivated lizard!

"It's either pure love or pure hate 😂," wrote @haliemclean. Ha! Honestly, that's pretty funny to think about. Who's to say Otis's obsession isn't more spiteful than we realized? That brings us to @pursula's important question: "What happens if he gets close to your face?" 

"Bet he wants to bite him lol" joked @johnnyo723. Though we have no clue how true this might be, Otis's dad is doing a great job interacting with his buddy safely. This makes us think the turtle really does love his papa!

To quote @artistbeardreams' clever comment, "He finds you Tur-tle-y amazing 😁!"  

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