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Video of Turtle's Excited Reaction to His Owner Coming Home Has Us in Our Feelings

One of the greatest parts of being a pet owner is our reunions with our babies. After time apart, whether it is a month or a few hours, our pets always greet us with unbridled enthusiasm that we gladly return. One pet owner shared his experience being greeted by his pet every day when he gets home, and it is too good.

TikTok user @kenny_james16 recently shared a video of himself coming home at the end of the day and the way his turtle, Sergio, greets him. This user said he has had Sergio for 13 years and this awesome greeting is the same every day. Check out the video to see this sweet, daily reunion between a turtle and his dad!

Aww, this is so lovely! Sergio clearly missed his dad a lot, and we can see clear love between these two. This video is a great reminder that animals like turtles can have the same feelings and form the same connections as other, more common pets such as dogs and cats.

People in the comments thought this was extremely cute. @elliecianciolo said, "There is nothing cuter than this guy running to you," and @mileyjustine commented, "OMG, this is the cutest story I have ever seen! He loves you so much!" This greeting is very sweet, and we can't help but get emotional!

Others were very impressed with the speed at which Sergio moved to the door. @ana8225x commented, "Who said turtles were slow?" and @user9688608019391 said, "Does he have little track shoes on? He's moving so fast I can't tell!" Sergio is quite the speed racer when it comes to making his way over to the door to greet his dad!

We are so happy that Sergio has a dad that clearly loves and cares for him. This little turtle has a lot of love to give, and his dad is more than happy to reciprocate it!

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